If you want to be a part of spreading the hope and message of Olive Branch Ministries, please contact us.

Whether it is a donation of time or of money every gesture made helps take us one step closer to helping spread hope.


Mail your donations to:
Olive Branch Ministries
445 Walnut Street
Brighton, CO 80601

*donations are tax deductible

Change a child’s life, be a sponsor!

OBM sends children to the best school possible in order to give them the greatest opportunity and options to change their lives forever. The standard schooling of a child in Africa is boarding school. However, in order to send the children to boarding school we need your help and financial support!

To fully support a child with school fees, supplies and personal needs, it takes $100 per month. Any small donation you can make will change a child’s life forever.

You will be connected with a particular child with name, photo and contact information. You will be kept up to date with the child’s progress and see your contributions in action.

A small act of kindness can help connect our global community more and change a child’s life forever!

Contact us to receive more information on how to become a full or partial sponsor.


Olive Branch Ministries
445 Walnut Street
Brighton, CO 80601

Phone: 303-654-0535

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