Deep in the heart of Uganda there was a selfless servant of God whose name was Pastor Joseph. Joseph and his wife were the “go to” people in the region for abandoned and neglected children. They cared for 24 children, half of which lived in their home, while the others lived with families in the community.

Joseph and his wife had been doing this incredible act of kindness with virtually no outside support. Until in a series of “God orchestrated” events, Olive Branch Ministries was led to come alongside Pastor Joseph and these amazing children to “… give them a future and a hope.”

Tragically, January 2009, Pastor Joseph died very suddenly and unexpectedly. Though his death was a massive loss to us all, it did not change our overall direction and plans for the work God had begun with these wonderful children. Olive Branch Ministries continues this great work of the transformation of these amazing children with the help of our field director Rhona Lubanga and her husband Edwin and the late Pastor Joseph’s wife Edith.

Accomplished projects

Education: In most all African countries the available public education is very subpar so therefore most all children who are able to pursue a higher quality education attend one of the 100’s of boarding schools in their country. We have sought to provide a quality education for our kids and supply them with the additional resources to allow them to succeed in their educational programs.

Water: When OBM first came into the lives of these children they had to walk a three mile round trip to obtain all of the water that was needed for the family. We were able to fund a project to install a rain water collection system to supply the needed water for everyday life – no more trips to the well!

Electricity: The only light source for reading and night time operation was candles and oil lamps. In 2012 through a cooperative program with Solar Light For Africa a solar system was installed to provide light and power for small electronic devises. What a revolutionary addition to the quality of life for our kids.

Medical Clinic: The untimely and tragic death of Pastor Joseph highlighted the need for a medical clinic for that region. In 2013 a 5 year dream came true when we opened the doors of the Olive Branch Health Center. God wonderfully provided the funds through several churches in the US and a number of individuals who believed in this project. Today the clinic, under the care of Nurse Sarah sees patients every day with a number of injuries sicknesses and diseases. Preventive health care is nonexistent in the rural area … we are working hard to introduce that concept with check ups, prenatal care and a dental program.

Missions Trips: If a person ever travels to third world country, their life will be changed forever. About once a year OBM hosts a trip to Africa. The opportunities to impact lives of the children and families there is incredible. In 2014 one such group held children’s programing … in 3 days we saw over 400 children come to our campus for fun games crafts and bible stories. Those little ones will remember those few days for the rest of their lives. If you would be interested in going on one of these trips please contact us for information.

Happy children

The project continues…

The goal and objective is always clear and simple … to provide the resources and opportunities for these children to be and become all that they possibly can be. Currently we care for 37 children ages preschool through University or vocational training. Our objective is for our children to grow up in an atmosphere of love with a view to long-range self-sustainability for each child.

In the rural area few children finish primary school even fewer ever finish high school and virtually no one goes on for post secondary training of any kind. Over the last few years as we have consistently provided the resource and opportunity packed with a whole lot of love, we have seen 10 of our young people complete their high school program and go on for post secondary training; six entered university and four into vocational training. How thrilling it is to see these children who had little hope of ever finishing high school not only accomplish that goal but go on to being prepared for a professional career.

“…children walk a three mile round trip for all the water needs of the family.”