Occasionally you have the opportunity to change a life, but only rarely do you have the opportunity to see an entire people group transformed. That’s the opportunity that Olive Branch has with its Rwanda initiative.

Located just to the southwest of Uganda, Rwanda is a country of nearly 11 million people and a land mass about the size of Maryland. In 1994, tribal warfare broke out and in approximately 100 days, an estimated one million people were brutally massacred, leaving hundred’s of thousands of children orphaned and a country devastated. Even though today Rwanda is one of the fastest developing African countries, the needs of the people, particularly in the rural area, are enormous.

OBM is thoroughly engaged in intensive spiritual and economic development of two tribes of wonderful people, the poorest of the poor, in the southern most part of Rwanda and that effort is transforming a people group!

The Kinywamagana

These two Twa Tribes (pygmy) are living in the southern most province of Rwanda – population, 75 families, 350 lives. They are a severely marginalized, discriminated, forgotten and ignored people who are the poorest of the poor in all of Rwanda. Because of the extent of their poverty, their children don’t go to school; they lack medical care; they are malnourished, and they live in deplorable conditions. However, they are a very peaceful and joyful tribe who are extremely talented in music, dance and in making traditional Rwandan pottery. They seem to have had very little biblical teaching or Christian influence over their history. Thus they are in deep poverty both economically and spiritually. We are addressing both of these poverties with long lasting sustainable initiatives. As far as we can tell, Olive Branch Ministries is the only organization in decades that has come alongside these very deserving people committed to offering real and lasting answers.

The Progress Thus Far

Water: The only source of drinking water was a shallow river several kilometers away—the water was not good, and at times it would go dry. The lack of fresh, clean drinking water was the cause of some significant health issues. We were able to provide a source of fresh, clean water that is less than 50 meters away. For the first time in the history of the village, they have clean, fresh water.

Medical care: Many of their children were sick. Along the way, infants and older adults had died because they had no medical care. We were able to connect them with professional medical care for the entire village that is readily available and at no cost to them.

Education: In 2013, we put all of their children (about 85 kids) in school. This was the first time anyone in their tribe had ever been to school—both tribes have been illiterate for generations. That same year, we began a literacy program for the adults. As these adults are learning to read and write, their since of confidence and self empowerment has been amazing.

Poverty: For generations they have been in deep, deep poverty with no reasonable way out due to the marginalization and discrimination of their group. Except for hiring out to dig, collect firewood or carry bricks, there was a total lack of opportunity and economic resources. There were times that we visited and the village had not eaten in over a day. Our objective is to create a means of sustainable income … we are going to “teach them to fish”! (See the plan below)

Spiritually: They seem to have a core knowledge of God but have had no direct spiritual, biblical influence or teaching. We have connected with them spiritually and have begun to share the love of Christ with them.

The Project… “Teaching them to fish!”

The following is our plan to build on what we have already begun. The objective of this economic development plan is to create a sustainable income so that very little, if any, investment will be needed in subsequent years as we “teach them to fish!”

Economic Development Plan: Our early efforts at creating sustainable income to reduce their poverty were very frustrating and ineffective. Through a series of very wonderful, God-orchestrated events in June of 2014, we were able to launch a farm program that has been successful beyond any of our hopes and dreams. The government has set aside plots of land for the poor to farm if they meet certain organizational requirements. We worked hard for two months to meet and exceed those requirements and they allocated a wonderful piece of property for farming just down the hill from their village. From the end of July to the end of January, in preparing the ground, planting seeds, nurturing and caring for the crops, we witnessed the beginning of a total transformation among these people. For the first time, they have purpose and meaning. There is a reason other than pure survival for them to get up each morning. They have a pride of ownership and a sense of responsibility that is all brand new to them. The end of January saw the harvest of the first crops. Much of it was sold, and some was consumed by the people of the village.  The decision had been made early on to plant eucalyptus trees. We planted approximately 60,000 trees in all. Early in January, a contractor who does massive reforestation projects contacted us and committed to buying all of the trees we had and as many as we could produce. Right place, right time, with the right product – amazing!!!  Providing resources and opportunity to those who have neither … to the glory of God.

What an exciting prospect it is to be able to engage in the lives of these folks and know that the you are changing generations of poverty for generations to come!